TrewMac Systems Pty Ltd

TE Series RF Vector Analyzers

TE3000 Full Specifications

Model number TE3000
Frequency range 0.03-300 MHz
Frequency resolution 1Hz
Frequency Accuracy +/-10PPM
Output Signal User adjustable to 150%
Normal output (100%) is 230mVpp open circuit
Input Protection Diodes begin clamping the input signal at 1Vpp
Max input voltage is 50VDC or AC peak
Source Impedance Approx 35 Ohms
Impedance range Angle: -90 to +90 degrees
Magnitude: 0.1 Ohms to 100k Ohms
Measurement Resolution
  • Z: 3 Significant figures to 0.001 Ohms, 0.1 Degrees
  • C: 3 Significant figures to 0.1 pF
  • L: 3 Significant figures to 0.1 nH
  • S11: 3 Significant figures to 0.001 Mag, 0.1 Degrees
Typical Measurement

The accuracy depends on the impedance being measured, the quality of calibration and degree of averaging. Typical accuracy for 6 standard loads at 36 points over the available frequency range is tabled below in polar impedance format, after factory calibration, with Averaging = 64 and 100% power output.

  • 1 Ohm, magnitude +/-7%, angle +/- 3 degrees
  • 10 Ohm, magnitude +/-1%, angle +/- 0.5 degrees
  • 50 Ohm, magnitude +/-0.2%, angle +/- 0.2 degrees
  • 1k Ohm, magnitude +/-2%, angle +/- 1 degrees
  • 10k Ohm, magnitude +/-5%, angle +/- 2 degrees
  • 100k Ohm, magnitude +/-7%, angle +/- 3 degrees
System Impedance Zo
(user defined)
User defined - must be a real positive number
(used to calculate VSWR, return loss and reflection coefficient)
Measurement speed 25ms (no averaging)
(user defined)

512 point, 3 error bilinear transform correction held in non-volatile memory with user adjustable frequency span.

Comes factory calibrated against 5 known loads, referenced to a HP8753D network analyzer with HP85032B Cal kit. The unit is supplied with a full calibration certificate.

Optional custom calibration can be performed using one of the available calibration kits (see optional accessories).

Cal files can be up or down loaded and saved to disc.
Measurement Modes
and Formats
  • Impedance -Polar, rectangular, parallel
  • Admittance -Polar, rectangular
  • RLC series or parallel equivalent
  • VSWR
  • Reflection coefficient -Polar, rectangular
  • Return loss -dB
  • Mismatch loss -dB
  • Quality factor
  • Cable Loss -dB
  • Cable length -Degrees, %Lambda
  • Swept measurements to PC via USB or RS232 serial port
Special Functions
(run from software)
  • Interference spectrum scan
  • Distance to fault
  • Time domain impulse response
  • Velocity Factor
  • Characteristic impedance
Power source DC plug-pack or internal battery (auto power-save in battery mode)
Display 4x20 character alphanumeric LCD
Measurement method V/I technique
Interface USB using FT232 driver or RS232 on 9-pin D
Software Java software runs on Windows7/XP and includes all drivers.
It provides plotting/saving/retrieving of all parameters, multi series plotting, difference plotting, cursors and annotations.
Files are saved in .csv format and may be opened by excel.
Sweep modes available:

  • Single frequency sweep
  • Linear sweep
  • Logarithmic sweep
  • Signal scan
  • Loop function

~2 hours of battery operation at full charge
Charging time: 20mins

Weight 1.9kg
Dimensions 250w x 200d x 80h (mm)
Included Accessories UK/US/EU Mains power pack
USB cable
Serial Cable
Java based PC software
3 piece N type SOL calibration kit
Protective hard carry case with shoulder strap
Optional Accessories 3 piece N type Male SOL custom calibration kit
3 piece N type Female SOL custom calibration kit
N to BNC male adaptor
N to BNC female adaptor