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TE Series RF Vector Analyzers

TE3001 One Port Network Analyzer 30kHz to 300MHz

The TE3001 One Port Vector Network Analyser is built for the field professional who understands the calibration process and has a network analysis task to perform.

The TE3001 is supplied with an N type male connector interface for standard network analysis. The unit features a larger output signal than the TE3000 for excellent noise immunity in noisy environments.

It's supplied with a 3 piece male and 3 piece female calibration kit allowing the user to remove the effect of any linear test fixture or transmission line, and provide an unprecedented level of measurement accuracy. A tweezer attachment and associated calibration kit is available for component or crystal characterisation.

With user variable averaging, a vast array of display formats and battery or mains power the TE3001 is ideal for broadcast and plasma applications where field and workshop measurements are required.

To compliment this construction, the TE3001 software provides a powerful set of formats and charts for fast analysis, and interfaces with a simple USB. Features include smith charts, multi series plotting, difference plotting, curve smoothing, annotations, cursors, time domain reflectometry and interference spectrum scanning.

Summary of Features
  • 30kHz-300MHz with 1Hz resolution
  • 0.1-100000 Ohms -90 to +90 Degrees
  • Variable averaging from 1-1000
  • Variable output power
  • Factory calibrated with full calibration report
  • Fast and simple Custom cal
  • RLC meter function
  • Display formats include Impedance, Admittance, Reflection Coefficient, VSWR, Return Loss, Mismatch Loss, Equivalent Series or Parallel RLC and Quality factor.
  • Cable length and Loss function
  • User defined Zo
  • Battery and mains powered
  • Suppled in a rugged aluminium carry case with software and accessories
  • Software includes:
  • VF, Zo, Distance to fault, Impulse response, and spectral analysis functions. Multi trace plotting, Smith charts, markers and annotations. Up.down load cal files
TE3001 Units
Common Applications
  • Antenna tuning
  • Cable tuning / stub tuning
  • Plasma chamber tuning
  • Balun tuning
  • Impedance matching
  • LCR meter
  • Interference scanning
  • Cable fault finding