TrewMac Systems Pty Ltd

TE Series RF Vector Analyzers


Trewmac began in 2005 with a contract for the manufacture of the TE1000 for Tomco Technologies. With 15 years of previous experience in the manufacture and commissioning of RF products and associated hardware, the business grew steadily and obtained both international and local contracts for military and commercial ventures. Today TrewMac produce a range of electronics and metal work products including high powered RF combiners, Directional couplers and Impedance analysers.

TrewMac obtained the rights to manufacture the TE1000 as Tomco refined their focus exclusively to RF amplifiers. Our mission has always been to extend the functionality of these units while maintaining the highest of standards set by the original specifications, and that day has come.

The new TE300X series of analysers is the result of more than 2 years of research and development by our electronic engineers. This new series boasts improved accuracy over a larger frequency range, additional display formats, and increased resolution.

A new technique for calibration of the units allows the user to perform a custom calibration at the end of any linear network using a set of affordable calibration standards. This advance in error correction opens a new world of measurement techniques with unprecedented levels of accuracy.

The software has been completely re-written and includes state of the art plotting and analysis tools. Current version is now available from our website as a download- for free!